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If you are wanting to compare currency rates for the exchange rates at Heathrow Airport use our automated currency converted. You'll also find Heathrow Airport's bureau de change are able to exchange your money at the airport.

Heathrow Airport Currency Exchange ...

Read our currency exchange guide to find out everything you need to know about changing your pounds into foreign currency so you can organise your currency before you go away. .


Online Currency Converter...

Use our online currency converter. We have also provided a link to market leading Currency Express where you can buy your foreign currency.
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Comparing Currency Rates ...

Do make sure you do your research so you get a great deal on your currency exchange.

Many passengers consider if it's better to buy their foreign currency in the UK or once they've arrived on holiday so to get the best exchange rate. Well, the market moves on sometimes an hourly basis so with a move around plus or minus 1% in a given day it won't make a huge different to the amounts you pay and gain, unless you are exchanging thousands of pounds.

Here we have listed some ways you can exchange your money:
At Home
You can exchange your pounds Sterling for foreign currency at your local Bank.

Do note however, that travel money Experts suggest only changing enough money to cover travel costs and change the remainder once you have settled at your destination as the costs of exchanging your money in the UK can sometimes be prohibitive.

Or you might want to consider using an online money exchange service that excepts American funds that converts into the currency you required in your destination.
At the Hotel or Airport
Whilst it may seem convenient to exchange your money in a hotel or at the airport be aware of high transaction charges.
Via Credit Cards
If converting currency via your credit card be aware that if the UK exchange rate is falling, and your transaction is not instantly converted, there's a chance that you will end up with a worse conversion rate than expected.

Traveller's Cheques

An alternative to cash is to take Traveller's Checks. Offering excellent benefits, and the fact they can be easily replaced should the worst happen and they are lost or stolen, make them a popular choice with travellers.
Local Banks
Rates available at local banks can be good but bear in mind that if the exchange rate you are given is based on supply and demand then you could get a price that's close to that in the global foreign exchange market.

Do check if the exchange rate in the Country you are travelling to is determined by the local government. This could mean it's relatively low meaning you don't get value for money compared with the global foreign exchange rate.

Always check exchange rates before you travel if you are considering exchanging abroad in case you miss out on a very good deal here in the UK. Why not use our online currency converter above.
If you'd rather not carry large sums of money with you on holiday, that can be dangerous and will not be reimbursed by any travel insurance policy, use the local ATMs as and when you need cash.

Although remember you will be subject to a charge that can sometimes be very high for withdrawing the cash abroad.

It's worth contacting your bank in advance of travel if you are travelling to a number of different Countries in a short space of time and intend using ATMs just in case your bank suspect fraud and block your card.
Use the link below to locate a VISA ATM anywhere in the world:
International ATM Locator - click
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